5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom

Decorate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most underrated room in every home. If you are not one of the richest people in the city who has extra cash to splurge in decorating a bathroom, you’ll probably end up with a very basic one. However, it shouldn’t be the case. Every homeowner should give the same effort in decorating their bathrooms the same way they give to the living room.

One of the reasons why many people are hesitant to boost the interior design of their bathrooms is that they don’t see its worth. But if you will come to think of it, a nice bathroom is something that can make you feel better after a long day at work. Another factor is the price. Decorating the bathroom is an additional expense, for sure. But, there are simple ways that you can do to spice up your bathroom with minimal cost. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Use effective storage ideas.

It is pretty common knowledge that storage cabinets and shelves alleviate the interior design of any room. Especially if you chose something very creative. When choosing a storage idea, make sure to consider the function and aesthetic appeal. For example, you can try using an over the toilet space saver to accentuate the open area on top of the toilet. That way, you are not just adding a shelf to effectively store your hygiene items, but also adding a bit of decoration on your toilet seat.

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Whenever you think of storage space, the first things that will immediately come to mind are shelves and cabinets. You can also use stylish items such as decorative baskets and hampers to store extra towels and laundry more appealingly. The key is to look for something that will serve its function and will look enticing at the same time.

Choose simple lighting fixtures.

Lights play a big role in interior design. Choosing a lighting fixture that’s too bright or too dim can ruin the entire room’s ambiance. This is especially important when it comes to the bathroom. Regardless of whether you have a spacious bathroom or you only have a tiny space, you have to be smart when it comes to choosing the lights.

To save money, the best way is to choose simple lighting fixtures. You don’t need to have high-maintenance lights with a lot of features. All you need to do first is check the light source in your bathroom and buy the appropriate wattage that will complement the room. 

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Repurpose accessories and furniture.

If you want to save extra expense, you can try to repurpose some accessories and furniture at home. Decorating your bathroom, or any parts of the house does not always mean buying new items. You can use old and unused items from the bedroom or your closet in the bathroom.

For example, if you happen to have an extra shelf or stool that’s just sitting in your storage, you can use that as a nice accent in your bathroom. You can also reuse old magazine racks from the living room in the bathroom. In that way, you’re not just improving your bathroom’s interior, but you are also saving money at the same time.

DIY wall paintings

Wall paintings are important to dress up an empty wall. Bathroom walls are always too plain and too dry. This is why most people resort to adding a few wall paintings and decorations to liven it up a little bit. However, paintings are not cheap, especially the good ones. Luckily, you can use DIY wall paintings instead.

You can frame some of the art projects of your kids or you can paint some yourself and hang them in the bathroom. In that way, you will have a nice piece to decorate your bathroom. Plus, you can also showcase the creativity of your family.


Rugs can make a lot of difference.

When all else fails, always go for rugs. Rugs and mats are underrated pieces of functional and stylish home improvement items. If you want to add something to your bathroom that will immediately change the overall aesthetic appeal, rugs are always the best choice. It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to decorate a space.

You can start by choosing the right color and size. As much as possible, avoid getting rugs that are too big for the walk space. Take note that mats do not need to cover the entire floor. Keeping it in the center of the bathroom is enough to boost the rooms’ appearance.

Shop for the best bathroom design ideas!

There are more ways for you to decorate your bathroom at a low expense. The key is to look for the best bathroom design ideas that will fit your preference. Check out Storables.com for more bathroom design and storage ideas.

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