11 Reasons You Really Need to Take Care of Your Teeth

bleeding gums

If you take care of your mouth and teeth, you will avoid discomfort, pain and dental diseases. Also, you make your image presentable at all times. If you still think that there are no reasons to take care of your teeth, check the following –

Here we present you 11 reasons you need to take care of your teeth.

1. Dental caries:

It is caused by bacteria that take advantage of the sugar left by food. They produce an acid that demineralizes the dental structure until it is destroyed. If you want to avoid it, you need to reduce the consumption of sweets. It is also essential that you brush your teeth three times a day. In this way, you will eliminate bacteria and make your teeth more resistant thanks to the fluoride of toothpaste.

2. Periodontitis:

A disease that affects the gums, in the initial phase there is inflammation and bleeding in the gums – gingivitis. If the disease is not controlled, it results in the loss of the bone holding the teeth. First, the teeth begin to move until they fall completely. Good oral hygiene and avoiding tobacco use can prevent periodontal disease.

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3. Oral cancer:

It can be prevented by leaving tobacco, alcohol and poor oral hygiene, in addition to poorly fitting prostheses. Going to the dentist from time to time can help detect injuries in early stages, so you would have timely treatment. Taking care of your teeth can avoid many really serious problems.

4. Gum disease:

The gum is the place where your teeth are held. When affected by poor oral hygiene, it weakens and can cause bone loss around the teeth and in some cases the fall of some.

Bleeding gums treatment consists of cleaning and regular check-ups with the dentist to keep everything under control and avoid problems.

5. Dental plaque:

Dental plaque is a tiny and thin-film where bacteria are grouped and reproduced to form large colonies of millions of them that will damage the teeth by the acids they produce. They will also cause bad breath.

By eating very sweet and starchy foods, plaque bacteria promote the formation of acids that damage tooth enamel, breaking them and creating a hole or craters that will harbor infections or decay in the future.

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6. Cavities:

Dental caries is one of the main problems for your teeth. It begins with areas of demineralization in the enamel that, if left unattended, will progress rapidly destroying it to form holes or cavities that penetrate the dentin and can reach the nerve, causing abscesses and little tolerant pains to form.

The solution for these cases would be root canal treatment or total tooth extraction.

7. Tooth drop:

The lack of oral hygiene can result in the loss or fall of the teeth, which would warrant that a specialist has to fill the spaces with dentures, such as bridges or dental implants.

If you are one of those who never worried about their teeth, it is time for you to start doing so. Most people are affected by this situation from the age of 20, after having cavities or gum disease. You should visit the dental clinic if you are suffering from this problem.

8. Halitosis or bad breath:

We know that more than 65% of the world’s population suffers from halitosis. In most cases, it is formed because the particles of food that remains in the mouth after eating break down, causing a bad smell.

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The less you brush your teeth, the more chance you will give bacteria to get together in your mouth and cause bad breath.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain healthy habits and routines that promote the health of your teeth and also of your bleeding gums.

9. To detect some serious diseases beforehand:

There are some diseases that you can prevent if you take care of your dental health.

10. If you are smoking or chewing tobacco:

Tobacco and cigarettes are some of the main enemies of your gums. Also, nicotine weakens tooth enamel and stains the surface of the teeth. If you are having this bad habit, you should first visit the dental clinic.

11. If you have a sweet tooth:

Do you like sweet food and beverages? You need to know that foods and drinks with a lot of sugar cause tooth enamel to lose minerals, increasing the risk of tooth decay.

Having healthy teeth and gums is very simple. By respecting a simple routine, you can have a clean, healthy and protected mouth against most dental problems.

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