What is the Excel function, and which one is not a function in ms excel?

Which one is not a function in ms excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft. MS Excel enables the user to format, organize and calculate data in a spreadsheet. Organizing data using software like excel, data analytics, and other users can make the information easier to view as data is added or changed. Excel includes huge boxes, commonly known as cells ordered in rows and columns. Though some functions like AVG which one is not a function in ms excel. The information and data can be placed in these cells. So Excel can function in several ways.

Which is not a function in MS Excel SUM AVG MAX MIN?

The correct answer to the question of which one is not a function in ms excel is AVG. There is no other function in Excel like AVG, but if you mentioned it as Average, then the syntax for it is also AVERAGE and not AVG. The Average function in excel is the statistical function. The function is calculated by the arithmetic means of a series of data. That is, it adds all the values of the analyzed variable and divides them by the number of values added.

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A function in Excel is a previously set formula that functions as a characteristic calculation using arguments delivered by the user. Each function has its own set of arguments to acquire the result value in the cell.

  • The Average is a statistical operation. It produces the arithmetic mean of the parameters.
  • The SUM is a mathematical function. It adds value to the equation, such as Individual values, cell references, ranges, and a combination of the three can be added.
  • The MAX is a statistical function. It is used to calculate the maximum value. In a group of values, it results in the largest value.

Which is NOT a primary function of Excel?

Excel includes a lot of functions to be used. The 

Simple databases, Charting tools, Word processors, Spreadsheet, etc., are different from the primary function of excel. Let’s see detail about them.

Simple database

As a spreadsheet program, Excel can accumulate enormous amounts of data in workbooks, including one or more worksheets. However, Excel is optimized for data analysis and calculation instead of serving as a database management system, such as Access.

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Charting tool

You can make a chart for data present in Excel for the web. You can create a column, line, bar, area, and radar chart depending on your data. You may Click anywhere in the data to make a chart. You may place data into a chart, and you can also choose the data

The word processor in Excel

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program used to save data, make tables and charts and make complex calculations. Microsoft Word is a word processing program which one is not a function in ms excel that is used for letter writing, creating documents and reports, etc. 


A spreadsheet is a document that contains cells in rows and columns. It allows for arranging, calculating, and sorting data more effectively. Data present in a spreadsheet can be numeric values, formulas, text, functions, and references.

Which one is not a function in ms excel: The main function of excel

MS Excel consists of several functions to perform various operations on the available data. It consists of statistical, text, financial, and mathematical some of the most functions used in Excel are mentioned below

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Mathematical Functions

  • SUM: enables you to add all the values in the given range
  • ROUND: Enables you to round a number to a specified number of digits

Statistical Functions

  • COUNT: assist in Counts the values in the given list of range
  • AVERAGE: help Calculates the Average of the value from a given value 
  • MAX: Assists in locating the highest value in the range
  • MIN: Allows to locate the lowest value in the range
  • RANK: Returns the rank of value within the given value range

Text Functions

  • LEN: Returns the size of the cell range in representations of the number of characters
  • REPT: Replicates the essence of a defined number of terms
  • TRIM: Removes unnecessary spaces from the cell
  • LEFT: Removes the defined number of characters from the cell start
  • RIGHT: The defined numbers of characters can be extracted from the cell end.
  • REPLACE: the existing cell characters can be replaced with different ones

Financial Functions

  • PMT: Helps to calculate the loan repayments concerning the constant payments and a constant interest rate
  • RATE: Produces the rate of interest for the term of an investment
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