Things To Know Before Sending Your Files Through Smash File Transfer

Smash File Transfer

If you need to send a large file to someone, you may use Smash, a service that facilitates file transfers. It’s no secret that email wasn’t designed for transferring enormous files. With Smash file transfer, you can send any size file to anybody by uploading it to a secure server and then sending them a download link.

Smash File Transfer: How safe is it to use Smash?

Your priority is always the protection of your close ones. Security is a top priority, so a group here at Smash focuses solely on it. The team uses state-of-the-art encryption methods, technical tools, and processes to keep private information safe. When you use the file transfer service, you can rest easy knowing that they take every precaution to keep your data safe.

  • Smash uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for all data at rest and in motion.
  • Smash protects data sent between the application and servers using SSL/TLS.
  • Smash file transfer apps and infrastructure are frequently tested for security vulnerabilities to prevent attacks.
  • Information and files are kept in Amazon S3 storage.
  • The data and files are stored on servers spread across nine different time zones and continents. They locate the file servers as near to you as feasible. For instance, in Paris, if you’re in France, Frankfurt, if you’re in Germany, London if you’re in the UK, New York if you’re on the East Coast, Sao Paulo if you’re in Brazil, etc.
  • After the Smash period ends, the files are removed from the servers automatically.
  • Your transfer link is also plainly only accessible to those who have it. They customize the validity term and password security to safeguard your transfers and information.
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Smash File Transfer: What steps can I take to ensure the safety of my transfer?

You can be certain that your information is secure, whether in transit or storage, with Smash file transfer since it is always encrypted. Thus, the files you send using Smash are encrypted and rendered entirely useless, as the name indicates. They also offer options that let you control data transmission. You have the option to safeguard your transfer.

  • Create a secure login

The recipients of your transfer should have to earn access to its contents before they can access and download it.

  • Adjust the Validity Period

You may limit how long people access your files by setting a very short validity period, like a day. Your transfer will always be accessible only to those with the link.

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Smash File Transfer: Free file sharing and transfer software

Smash allows you to easily upload and download huge files over the Internet. When using Smash, users are not restricted in terms of file size since there is no such thing as a size restriction. Smash’s free tier provides 14 days of storage space and access to the service’s security features, including password protection. Free users may also preview files before downloading them. The premium edition of Smash costs as little as $5 per month and includes features like unlimited file storage for a year and unique transfer URLs.

Details about Smash file transfer limit

They do not impose a maximum file size restriction on Smash. It’s great news that there are no size restrictions on the files you may send. However, there is a little exception. Priority is not given to transfers up to 2GB. They have a queue for them on their servers. It takes about the same time to load, but your receiver may take a bit longer to get it. You should not worry; all your documents will safely reach their destination. The Pro edition offers much more flexibility. When using Smash Pro, all of your transactions will be processed immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Smash File Transfer

In what ways is smash file transmission secure?

Smash is your best bet if you need to deliver a huge file. All files and directories are accepted, making this service limitless in scope. Any quantity, no upper bounds, fast and simple. With Smash, you may send any file, at any time, at zero or very little cost.

What about Smash? Is it a better option than WeTransfer?

Except for the free version, all transfers conducted using WeTransfer need a password for security. Your transfers on Smash may be encrypted at any time using a password. Users of the free version, the Pro version, the Team deal, and the Enterprise offer are all treated equally regarding security. When transmitting huge files, it’s vital to think about file storage in addition to password security.

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