Microsoft Became Most Valuable Company in the US


Currently, market worth of Microsoft is $753.9 billion and this made it the most valuable company in the US. Previously the tag of most valuable company was given to Apple but now Microsoft has won the race and got the tag. In the month of August, Apple has crossed the mark of one trillion dollars but now its worth has come down to $746 billion in August.

The third place is gained by Amazon having the worth of $736.6 billion and Alphabet, parent company of Google, is at fourth place having the worth of $725.5 billion. Microsoft has surpassed all three and has become the most valuable company of the US. Microsoft has earned the income of 8.8 billion dollars in the first quarter of the financial year 2018-2019 and total revenue of $29.1 billion. Therefore, the revenue of Microsoft has increased up to 19% and net income up to 34%. Intelligent Cloud technology has increased the revenue up to $8.6 billion. Server products and cloud services have also increased the revenue of the organization.

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Valuable Company in the US

More Personal Computing segment of Microsoft has increased the revenue up to $10.7 billion while Windows and Cloud services have increased the revenue up to 12%. Besides this, gaming services with Xbox have increased the revenue up to 44%.

Apple has gone to the second position due to slow demand of its iPhones due to which Foxconn and Pentagon, the iphone assemblers of Apple have stopped the production of iPhone XR. An apple analyst has reported that the shipment of iPhone XR have been dropped to 30 million.

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