Solve The Issue Of The Instagram App Keeps Crashing With The Following Steps

Instagram app keeps crashing

Many smartphone users are using this instagram app as this is the trending and entertaining app for them. They can check the world updates and new entertaining video reels and even post their day-to-day fun activities and other important memories here. The photos, videos, and other posts you post here will be visible to billions of people when you want. But the instagram app keeps crashing is a common complaint that many users are saying, and this is due to various reasons. The crashing of instagram will be easily rectified, but you have to check why the app is crashing. Sometimes this will happen because of less space in the phone’s memory also.

Instagram app keeps crashing Android

More millions of android users are using instagram accounts, but when they are getting any issues, then they can simply follow these steps.

The first one is that they should check whether the mobile you are using contains enough space. This is the main thing you should have to look for, so you must first clear the unwanted spaces and the cache storage that is present. Thus, when you are getting corrupted cache storage, it is also why an app gets slow. Therefore it is always good to give a good space by deleting the cache memory of the instagram app and unwanted apps, and the data should be deleted from the phone memory. These things will give them enough space for the app to operate, automatically boosting its speed and performance.

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Even after checking these things, if you still find the instagram app keeps crashing, it is time for you to know about any technical issues. You can simply follow the instagram Twitter feed, where they will post about the maintenance issue or others. Sometimes when you are not aving the updated version of the app or even when the os of your Android does not have an updated version, this problem will arise. Therefore you have to check and do the required updates when the app crashing occurs.

The next method is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. This is because the app would have gotten corrupted sometimes. Therefore simply uninstall the app and then reinstall it to check whether instagram is working.

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Instagram app crashing today

The problems with Instagram will be known when you visit the official website of instagram or even when you are simply surfing about the issue today. This will show you the common issues that have occurred on particular dates. These outages will be useful for checking whether the issue is a technical problem or the problem is in the phone. The instagram app keeps crashing may be because for various reasons, like when your app is not updated or even when your phone memory is full of data. Therefore it is important to check whether your phone has free space in RAM that is at least twenty percent, and also, you have to check whether the storage is full or not. The steps that you should have to follow to clear the cache are

  • Initially, you have to open the settings menu that is present on the mobile.
  • Now you have to tap the RAM & storage option
  • Here you have to tap the apps option to see the full list of installed apps and their occupied RAM.
  • Thus when you tap the instagram app that is present, it will show you the full details, including the cache memory.
  • Here you have to tap the clear cache option. This is it, and most cached space will be cleared instantly.
  • Thus your app is free from RAM storage, so now it will not get crashing problems instantly.
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Thus when you follow the above steps that are explained in this context, you will find it easy to recover from the crashing issue on instagram. But the main thing is that you should also check with the official app site, as there may be a maintenance issue.

FAQs about Instagram app keeps crashing

What to do if Instagram keeps crashing?

When instagram keeps crashing, check whether the storage space is enough. Then check whether the app is updated or not to discover the issue.

Why is my Instagram crashing when I try to post a picture?

There may be a bug issue, or sometimes the cache memory of the instagram app would have been corrupted. Therefore check all these things and then try to post the picture.

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