Everything needs to know about how to reset my mi phone

how to reset mi phones

In case you have a Xiaomi Smartphone and need to reset it, there may have more ways in which you can rest a Xiaomi device. Also, there may have more reasons in order to rest their device. For example, in case your Smartphone slows down over time, resetting is a better option to get a new life for your phone. In case you tend to sell your mi phones, resetting is the best option; it will protect all your data from falling into other hands. In case you need help with how to reset mi phones, this article will help you to know about the process. Therefore, keep reading the post and then gain more data regarding it. 

How to reset Mi phone when locked

In case you need to remember the lock screen password of your mi Smartphone, you may not access or use the device. There is one option, factory reset that will help you to reset your device without losing mobile data while the phone is locked. In case you may not bother about data on your mi phones and then need to delete it in all ways, you may ensure factory reset your device via its recovery mode. In case you have doubts about how to reset mi phones, if your need to do so, follow the below-mentioned steps for resetting your phones. 

  • First, you need to locate the power button of your mi Smartphone.
  • Then, press and hold the power button waiting for the power menu to appear on the screen. 
  • After it shows the option, you have to tap the power off button.
  • After the mi Smartphone is switched off and then keep, press and hold the power button, then volume it up simultaneously. 
  • Mi Smartphones logo appears, and you receive haptic feedback and then release the button that you are holding up the volume up button. 
  • After a time, the recovery mode screen will start showing in the device, and then scroll down to locate the wipe data option via the volume button. 
  • You have to press the power button in order to select wipe all data and click confirm option.
  • After the completion of the password and the finished prompt will pop on your screen on the mi device.
  • Then, click back to the main menu option.
  • Finally, you may successfully reset your mi smartphones. 
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How to backup and reset Mi phone

Here are some of the points on how to reset mi phones without data loss. In order to secure the date, you first have to take a complete backup of data through settings and then and then back up and reset. After completing it, you have to open your file manager application, go to the storage location, and there you may see mi folder; open it, and then you may see a backup folder. Also, open it to get added backup.

Afterward, go to the backup and restore section and complete the reset your device. After resetting and setting up the phone copy, all backup folders you copied earlier and pasted in the exact location. Now the device will show all advanced backup, select the file, and restore it. After completing all processes, you have successfully reset your device without losing any data. 

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Right now, you may get more ideas regards the reset of mi phone. The guidance will help reset the phone in various cases, so follow all instructions carefully and then complete the process. 

FAQ about how to reset mi phones

How do I force a factory reset on my mi phone? 

First, you have to go to settings and press about the phone. Press back up and reset and then move to factory reset. You have to press delete all data and move to the next process. After completing all processes, you must wait for a moment and restore them. 

How do I manually reset my Xiaomi phone?

In order to factory reset your mi phone. You have to follow the steps manually to reset your Xiaomi phone. Go to the setting and then click the additional setting. Afterward, click the backup option and reset. Then, click the factory data reset and click on reset phone. 

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