Gambling 101: Identifying a Real Online Casino

Best Online Casinos

Sure, it can be challenging to find an excellent online casino. There are hundreds to choose from, and more and more people show up every day. Everyone is also shouting that they have the best games, the biggest bonuses, and the most generous offers.

We guide you right into the picture. Our honest reviews at guide you to find the right real online casino that suits you and the type of game you prefer. You will find information on the best welcome bonuses and most free games.

Welcome bonus

The very first bonus that the player encounters is the so-called Welcome Bonus. Sometimes it comes under other names, such as a welcome pack or introductory offer, or something similar.

The function of the bonus is to attract new players to the casino, and therefore, it is incredibly generous in many cases. The market is starting to saturate, and its battle has intensified. To have a chance at all, the casino must entice with something that makes the players step inside the metaphorical door. In other words, a real welcome bonus. But do not make the mistake of thinking that the biggest bonus is the most generous. The terms can be extremely unfavorable and mean that your bonus will cost more than it tastes. Here on our website, you can read all about welcome bonuses, their terms, and what it means not to get fooled by beautiful promises that later do not turn out to be exactly what you intended.

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Loyalty programs/VIP programs

When the welcome bonus has run out, you will probably want to continue receiving bonuses. Most online casinos know this and offer continued bonuses and promotions to their players. In addition, there are many different variants of loyalty programs or so-called VIP programs. These mean that you get more bonuses and increasingly favorable terms the more you play at the casino. These programs also differ between the different casinos, so it can be challenging to grasp them at first. Read our reviews to get a hold of what your casino offers.

What characterizes a real online casino?

Internet casinos must meet certain criteria. The casinos we list offer decent bonus terms and customer support, and the rules of the games are clearly stated and shown and easy for you to understand. We want to ensure that the websites have flexible solutions for payments, security requirements, and privacy. We place high demands on our websites so you can feel safe with us.

There is nothing better than the feeling that comes when you win big. You can soon start your new adventure online; with the help of our recommended internet casinos, you can feel safe and secure with whatever website you choose. There are a whole host of options to choose from, and new websites are constantly appearing; we help you find the right webpage among scam sites and rogue players. Online gaming should be both safe and entertaining for players and enthusiasts.

Users are a sure indicator of quality

The most important component of any online casino is, of course, its customers. In this case, it’s initially better to take into account not users’ reviews, because, unfortunately, some of them can be bought by the operator themselves to promote the platform. Check people’s interest in the gaming club. This factor is calculated by calculating the number of people’s requests via Internet search, as well as by the number of visits to the official page of the club. The parameter is one of the most reliable, it directly symbolizes the popularity of the institution.

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Collection of games

Studying reviews of the best casinos and expert opinions — all this only helps in the search, the final choice is still up to the player. To narrow down the list, it’s worth checking or even testing (if there are demo versions, which, by the way, is also an important factor) the variety of emulators on the site. So, the game set of modern online casinos should include:

  • table card games, blackjack, baccarat, video poker;
  • several types of roulette;
  • classic machines with 3 reels;
  • new online emulators with prize symbols, bonus games, risk rounds, free spins, and an expanded set of paylines;
  • themed slot machines with quests and an open plot;
  • modern models of emulators with 3D mode and special effects. 

And, since we’ve already mentioned the demo mode, we need to remind you that the selected online casino should give users the opportunity to play for free without registration.

Studying the legality of platform activities

It’s worth going through the account registration procedure with the entry of personal data and the transfer of funds to a gaming account only if you trust an online institution. The criterion of trust can be considered the presence of verification results made by independent experts.

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Usually, such information is placed on the main page of the casino, or in a useful information section. There should be a link to the regulator’s official website, and if there’s not, then you shouldn’t trust such an institution. An exception can be made in the direction of completely new platforms – perhaps, the operator is currently undergoing verification, and this procedure takes enough time. Nevertheless, it’s better to wait for the end and go to the site fully only after the portal presents all the necessary documents, and first of all the license. 

Who provides the platform with gaming software?

All online casino players want is to win, not lose money, right? That’s why, before plunging headlong into the world of gambling and starting to play for real money, you need to make sure that the won funds are credited honestly. To check, you’ll need to run the slots of interest in test mode in order to compare the amount of invested funds with the won ones.  

In the case of high returns in demo versions, there are differences from the paid version, as well as detected animation freezes, it’s better to refuse to replenish the gaming account. Most likely, the casino uses unlicensed software. 

The most honest providers on the market at the moment are such well-known companies as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playson, and many others. Always check the casino carefully and then you’ll be able to hit the big jackpot! 

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