Evolution of Website Design Industry – Three Changes to Lookout For!

Web Design

Over the years, web design has greatly influenced the popularity and usability of websites. The website design industry has come a long way since its humble beginning. Today, the industry is one of the fastest evolving industry with new trends and preferences shaping the websites each year. Perhaps, the turning point for the web design industry was when mobile compatibility becomes a necessity. Since then, designers and illustrators have gone at all lengths to come up with unique, attractive, and engaging designs that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but functional for responsive websites.

Today, web design Dubai is one of the fastest growing online business sectors with new start-ups popping up in the industry on an almost daily basis backed by the strong and ever-increasing demand for effective and professional website design Dubai demand from various business sectors.

Importance of a Web Design

Now, before we move forward to look at some of the trends shaping the web design Dubai industry, let’s just discuss quickly the importance of having a pleasing and functional web design.

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In today’s online industry where each business is putting everything at stake to get more visibility and larger market share, the ultimate secret to success lies with creating unique web designs. Looking at the user preferences, the stats show that businesses have mere few seconds to make an impact and engage users and the surest way to achieve that is to get them hooked to attracting and enchanting web design.

Now, as we inch ever closer towards 2021, we have come up with few more prevailing trends in the web design Dubai industry for businesses to vouch for.

Asymmetric Layouts: Website Design

Remember, back in the days how designers and business owners alike gave out stress to keep everything symmetric and properly aligned? Well, times have certainly changed…

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Today, it’s all about creativity. Designers are increasingly daring to play around with broken grids as well as a lot of asymmetry in web designs. To be honest, playing around with broken grids and
asymmetry is a statement from designers looking to push boundaries and thinking out of the box to create some amazing and stunning designs; breaking stereotypes.

The benefit of going with asymmetrical designs is the fact that its uniqueness is able to instantly grab the attention of the audience, thus giving an edge to businesses to stay ahead of the competition with a bold statement.

Fluid Designing Elements: Website Design

Another significant trend in shaping the web design industry is the move towards more fluid designing elements. Designers are increasingly showing their distrust towards rigid looks and systematic grids while moving towards a mobile and fluid design.

If you look at the various newly designed website, you won’t see much of the flat designs. This is because more and more designers and businesses alike are showing preferences towards fluid shapes
and lines, which gives an overall organic outlook to the design. The fluid designs used in the website the designing industry today are all inspired by natural shapes like scattered leaves, ponds, lakes, and other aspects that are close to human nature.

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These organic elements give a fresh and welcoming look to the users churning out subtle messages that engage and hook the audience. Moreover, fluid designs are ideally suited for Dubai businesses looking to market their products/services to a large and diverse audience.

Retro Outlooks: Website Design

Lastly, another trend that’s taking the web design Dubai industry with a storm is the shift towards retro looks. Web designers are increasingly playing around with elements like images, typography, lines, and fonts to create a nostalgic retro look of the website. This adds a whole new façade to the web design; adding an element of interest and appeal to the overall design.

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