How do people use the companion mode in google meet?

Companion mode in google meet

If you’ve ever wanted to use a whiteboard, chat, or poll in a meeting, you know how frustrating. It can be to change between the contact and the member grid. With companion mode in google meet, you don’t take to select anymore. You can utilize another screen just for screen posting and conference activities while using your main display to view all conference contestants as usual. Only your main monitor usages your mic, speakers, and camera, cutting down on additional noises, such as beating the display or using a keyboard while interacting with the second screen. You can easily raise your hand in the meeting, use individual chat, or share your screen without distracting other attendees. Google Meet already includes companion mode, so installing or activating it is unnecessary.

How to use Companion mode in Google Meet on mobile?

You can join a Google Meet video meeting on a second screen using companion mode. To prevent audio feedback, your video and microphone are turned off in companion mode. Instead, you can increase participant collaboration by using companion mode. From your secondary screen, you can start Companion mode in one of two ways: You can use a special companion code link and the meeting code for the meeting you want to join, or you can do it directly from the invitation to the meeting.

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Companion mode in google meet: In-call messages

Providing allows for in-meeting conversation is the main drive of companion mode in google meet, particularly after being used by people in a meeting room. The in-call posts board will repeatedly open on the correct when you link in Companion mode. You can first understand the messages guided after joining the conference. So, if you want allows to all conference messages, recall to join with Companion mode at the start of the meeting. Another determination for which Mate Mode was ended was to give workers a second screen to join meetings wherever they can share opinion presentations.

Companion mode in google meet: Features of using in Companion Mode

Companion Mode does not support all of Google Meet’s capabilities. See Presentations

  • Visual Effects
  • Raise Hand
  • Share Screen
  • Whiteboard
  • In-meeting Chat 
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In this mode, you can use the following features.

Companion mode in google meet: Features not available in Companion mode

Companion mode is a lesser gateway into your conference, and then as such, it only takes some of the abilities compared to a normal Google Meet window. 

You don’t have to the contestants’ grid. It would be best if you used your main screen to see who is in the conference, and the companion mode in google meet devices won’t look in the contestants’ network as another participant. You can’t use your Mate mode device’s camera, speakers, or microphone, so you can’t get or tell using that link to the meeting. Google Meet guesses you also to be linking with an additional device in the normal way.

Companion mode in google meet: How to turn off Companion mode?

The Companion and Participant modes in Google Meet should be distinct from users. Users can chat with other Google Meet participants, share their screens, access a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming, and even disable captions to follow the speaker in companion mode. Hand-raising, polling, and Q&A are among the additional features that are only available in specific Google Workspace editions. However, users must be aware that the audio and microphone will remain disabled by default when entering a meeting in Companion mode. Audio echoes will be avoided for both the user and other participants. Google Meet will only show the name with a Companion tag in the People menu rather than two names in the participant list. In companion mode, the virtual meeting platform will also conceal the participant grid. Users’ companion devices will have a simpler interface due to this.

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FAQ about Companion mode in google meet

Where is the companion mode in Google Meet?

One of the most adaptable teleconferencing applications and software is, without a doubt, Google Meet.

How do I activate companion mode?

Select “Link a device” by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner after WhatsApp has launched. The screen should display a QR code.


In this article, we’ve enclosed why you must have companion mode on Google Meet and how you can go about companion mode on Google Meet. We also replied to all the most significant and usually asked queries in favor of how to companion in Google Meet. This post displayed your very there is to identify how to companion on Google Meet and replied to all your questions or worries.

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