Codashop BGMI UC: What is it?

Codashop bgmi

Codashop is a one-stop store for everything computer and gaming-related. Codashop is a great place to get anything from computer hardware and software to gaming consoles and accessories. Codashop BGMI safe services for online game top-ups are also huge.

Battlegrounds Mobile India uses an in-game currency called UC, or Unknown Cash. Players can use real money to buy in-game cash, which they then use to buy various items. Crates, clothes, gun skins, friends, emotes, accessories, prizes, the Battle Pass, vehicle skins, and more are available with UC.

How do purchase BGMI UC from Codashop?

  • Players can immediately buy UC through the in-game link provided by adding a Codashop link. What you need to do to buy UC from Codashop is as follows:
  • Launch BGMI on your mobile device.
  • Select the UC Store link.
  • You will then be redirected to the Codashop website, where you may buy UC.
  • After choosing the desired UC value, enter your Codashop BGMI User ID and the desired UC amount in the appropriate fields.
  • There are several alternatives for completing the payment below the UC bundle field. You can proceed with the purchase after selecting a payment method that is suitable for you.
  • You’ll then need to restart the game.
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The UC counter will update after the game is restarted to reflect your account’s value change. The UC you just bought can then be used to buy in-game things.

Codashop bgmi: How can save money when buying BGMI UC?

Although the makers grant free in-game UC perks, paying with real money does not result in a discount. However, you might use a few methods to obtain UC for a reduced price indirectly. To use the Google Play credits to buy UC in the game, you can buy them individually from several websites that provide cashback deals. Here are a few websites giving Google Play credits at a bargain.

Codashop bgmi: Obtain Codashop for free?

The Battleground Mobile India profile does not receive free UC from websites or applications. It would be best if you were informed that these websites are merely bogus. To obtain free UCs, there is a workaround.

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You can acquire Google Play credit using certain apps, including Google Opinion Rewards and others, which you can then use to buy BGMI.

Extra ways to obtain UC For Codashop BGMI

There are a few ways to get UC in BGMI if you’re hesitant to buy it from Codashop or cannot access the shop for any other reason. These techniques require a little more work and grinding, but you can get a little more UC with perseverance.

Opinion rewards from Google

One of the most effective ways to get UC in Codashop BGMI is the Google Opinion Rewards app. In essence, the app regularly publishes hundreds of questionnaires. You only need to download the app, log in using your credentials, and do the surveys as they come in. You might receive Google Play credit by completing these surveys. With this credit, you can buy UC from the BGMI shop in-game.

YouTube channel following

Since game streaming is a well-liked method of content creation, BGMI work with many YouTubers. If content producers to offer freebies, keep an eye on them. Typically, these giveaways are a component of other contests and will award you a sizable amount of UC.

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Customized room competitions

YouTube stars and well-known Indian gamers also host private rooms. There are numerous competitions and in-game competitions in these custom rooms. You can take part in the competitions and get some great rewards. You might receive UC if you finish the tournament at a specific location. Additionally, it’s a fantastic opportunity to network with other Indian gamers and enhance your abilities.


So, will you buy anything from the Codashop BGMI for UC? After all, to stay ahead of the competition in today’s majority of freemium games, you must make some in-game purchases. This is a fantastic time to invest in UC purchases thanks to the Codashop integration in BGMI because you can do so without being influenced by dubious sources or an unrelated third-party software.

FAQs about Codashop bgmi

Is BGMI available on Codashop?

BGMI is indeed offered on Codashop. You may get the best pricing for virtual money by doing this.

Is Codashop legal?

One of the biggest and most reliable top-up websites for games and other online entertainment in Asia and elsewhere is Codashop.


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