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The Fast Company magazine has presented a ranking of the 10 most innovative AI companies. They are applying artificial intelligence technology in a variety of fields, from processing food arrangements and preventing liquid losses to using boxes.


The organization promotes accelerators for AI and computer learning. One of them is the AI ​​Chip for “artificial intelligence from scratch”. It contains the entire machine learning form within itself.


Persado applies AI and big data to email marketing. The company’s algorithms use data about how anonymous users respond to emails. In 2019, Persado signed a five-year contract with JPMorgan Chase.


It is another artificial intelligence development company. The company develops software for interactive commerce and AI. LivePerson directs customer inquiries to the best agent while training to be more accurate. The startup is working on different types of communication between businesses and consumers – from chat to Alexa.

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According to LivePerson, it has made agents twice as efficient, and sales are up 20% compared to voice interactions.

Following a stroke, an inmate can stay in the emergency room for several moments ere being prescribed a prescription. analyzes the CT scans and then draws up a therapy plan that identifies suitable hospitals, procedures, and doctors. According to, the company’s consumer support increased by over 1600% in 2019.


Nvidia’s GauGAN software uses deep learning to transform textual representations or designs into high-quality photorealistic pictures. As noted by Nvidia, movie workshops and video play organizations are applying GauGAN to model concepts and quickly change digital views. Experts can apply the program to the development of virtual systems to practice self-driving vehicles.

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Hive algorithms enable marketers to find content that is relevant to them. For example, it might be an advertisement for a car following a pursuit display in a movie that is shown on television. Hive’s Mensio program provides advertisers with 20 million homes to keep up to date with their purpose public.


Syntiant develops low-power processors to manage AI algorithms. These microcircuits are perfect for introducing extra advanced algorithms on gadgets, especially voice assistants. In 2019, Syntiant increased $ 30 million from Amazon, Microsoft, Motorola, and Intel Capital.


Wint develops software that serves to prevent liquid leakage. According to the organization, more than 25% of water is spent in commercial real estate, usually due to losses.

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AI-powered Wint tool finds water usage exceptions. The site and marketing managers can then turn off the water before the tubes rush. In 2019, the company’s income increased by 400%.


Interactions use artificial intelligence to accept and accurately place food companies through online services and by phone. The company has already processed over 3 million orders.


Kasisto creates digital personal finance assistants. KAI technology is used by groups and other commercial establishments. Almost 18 million people own entrance to KAI by portable, online, and voice channels.

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