Informative Guide About ‘Add Me to Search: Create Your Own Google People Card

Add me to search

Google’s “Add Me To Search” function, sometimes known as the “Google People Card,” enables users to establish and maintain their public profile inside Google Search. One’s name, profession, contact details, and connections to other social media accounts may all be included in such profiles. It’s simpler for others to discover and get in touch with you on the web if you have a People Card.

What exactly is this “Add Me To Search” thing all about?

With “Add Me to Search,” Google users may create and edit their public profile in Google Search. Google’s People Card is the name for this function. A person’s public profile created using Google People Cards may appear in Google search results when someone searches for the person’s name. A Google People Card may be made for an individual or a company.

To enhance others’ ability to locate and get in touch with them online, people may create a “Google Add Me To Search” People Card. They can manage the content in search results, ensuring that only the most relevant and up-to-date results are displayed. You may return to the Google People Card website at any time to make changes to, or remove, your People Card.

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Add me to search: Make Your Own Personal Google People Card.

To make your Google people Card, you’ll need access to the Internet through a personal device. You’ll also need a personalized Google account in which you’ve activated Web & Application. The procedure for making a Google person card is outlined in full below.

Step 1

Enter “ Add Me To Search” into your browser’s URL bar. Google will provide you with the webpage or link to the official application to make a people’s Card. Just use the “Get Started” button to make your greeting card.

Step 2

This is where you’ll fill in the queries with the details you want them to know about you. Name, Address, Description of Self, and Current Employment are the four required fields. After that, you’ll see a list of compulsory fields followed by optional fields below. These sections include your place of employment, education, hometown, website, social profile, email address, and phone number. You have the freedom to choose a small or large number of additions.

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Your social media accounts may include inbound links to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Most information must be entered by hand, but Google will automatically fill in your phone number and email address. It achieves this using data from your Google profile. It is necessary to go into your Google account to make any changes to the contact information before they reflect on the person’s Card. 

Step 3

Once you’ve finished adding all the required details, you may view your people Card one more time before it goes live. Once you’re satisfied with the content and layout of your Card, simply save it, and Google will start including it in Add Me To Search immediately. By typing your name into Google, you may see how it appears in the search engine’s database.

The process of creating a Google profile for yourself consists of simply these few simple actions. Users from India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are the only ones who will see the Google persons card in search results. It’ll improve your internet profile in these four nations. However, it is still unknown whether Google will expand this service to additional countries. People outside India may easily make a Google People Card by connecting to an Indian server over a VPN. You’ll need to use the mobile version of Google to do this.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Add me to search

1.      What are the benefits of using the Google People Card?

Making a “people card” is necessary if you want to be seen through a Google search. Simply provide the requested information and submit your application for review. Anyone with an internet connection can look you up and see your People Card.

2.      Can I use Google People Card to market my business?

The Card may be used to advertise business services. People can more easily discover the goods and services you provide. This gives them insight into your expertise and clarifies how you can assist them.

3.      How can I make changes to my Google People Card?

Visit the Google People Card page (, log in to your Google account, and then select the “Edit” option to make changes to your Google People Card. When you’re done reviewing and updating your information, click the “Submit” button to save your changes and bring your People Card up to date.

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