Top 5 Universities in TamilNadu 2023

Top 5 Universities in TamilNadu 2023

Here are the top five Universities in TamilNadu 2023.

1. Anna University

Anna University

The NAAC has awarded Anna University with an “A” Grade and the UGC’s recognition as a state-level institution of higher learning. Additionally, it is a part of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The University received an NIRF Engineering ranking of 14 in 2020. In order to give its students access to student exchange programmes, it has also partnered with 37 foreign universities. 

Some of the top professors and lecturers work at the college. Opportunities for placement and internships are generally good. Numerous alumni hold important positions at prestigious companies all over the world. Numerous student organizations, such as SQC, CTF, and CSAU, help to instill knowledge and interest in new college students by sharing their expertise.

2. Vellore Institute of Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology

A good school’s responsibility is to give each student access to the tools they need to be successful. VIT provides the following and does this better than any other institution in India. Exceptional lab equipment, a library, and curriculum flexibility, a diverse student body, and access to a top network of individuals in universities throughout the globe, Clubs, conferences, and festivals are examples of extracurricular activity. 

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Many students receive international internships each year through programmes like MITACS, DAAD, SURGE, and others. VIT also collaborates closely with international universities on final year projects. There are numerous organizations and clubs that offer one-of-a-kind chances and a place for you to develop and reach your full potential.

3. SASTRA Deemed University

SASTRA Deemed University

Sastra is one of the best universities in India. That is the ideal option for you if you have a strong GPA and can stand out creatively in your department. All academics are amiable and will assist you in selecting an internship programme. Sastra University will also organize many internship programmes for their students. The only drawback is the hot weather, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees and high humidity levels. 

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However, you can still enjoy your studies while learning about India’s rich tradition and heritage. The faculty was also friendly. You could choose between North or South food, which was quite nice. The SPS hostel, which is a good hostel, will be assigned to first-year students. It will be hot here in the summer and pleasant here in the winter.

4. PSG College Of Technology

PSG College Of Technology

The PSG College of Technology is well known for both its brand and academic prowess. There are rewards not only for academic distinction but also for extracurricular and community service efforts, and the college supports a substantial number of extracurricular activities. Tech provides you with a strong peer group that challenges you intellectually or via sheer effort.

There are a good number of clubs at Tech, many of which are active all year long and cover interests as diverse as literature, the fine arts, astronomy, nature, music, and auto. You can talk to the professors at any moment because they are all very pleasant. You can take use of the top-notch labs that are sponsored by companies like Apple, Microsoft, Freescale Semiconductors, Dell, etc.

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5. SRM Institute of Science and Technology

It is situated in the suburbs of the large metropolis of Chennai. The campus is very large. Most parts of the city are easily accessible by local trains from SRM. It is close to the Vandalur Zoo and has a three-star hotel in the campus for the students of hotel management. For medical college students, there is also SRM Hospital, which offers free medical care to hostel residents. 

Numerous clubs are available for everything from Face Painting to Web design. There is a robotics club too. They also have a placement committee, which frequently attracts recruiters who make mass hires. Therefore, TCS, Accenture, Wipro, and the majority of the IT companies are the most common recruiters here.

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