Top 5 Colleges in Kolkata 2023

Top 5 Colleges in Kolkata

Here are the top five Colleges in Kolkata 2023

1. Jadavpur University

The NAAC awarded Jadavpur University with Grade “A” accreditation and membership in the Association of India Universities (AIU). Particularly in the CSE, ECE, and IT departments, the college offers excellent placements. Numerous prestigious recruiting firms, including Infosys, IBM, HSBC, Envestnet Yodlee, Capgemini, Johnson Control, and many others, came to the campus to place candidates. 

Most of the teachers in their area are highly skilled, supportive, and excellent teachers. This university’s campus life is enjoyable. Here, there is a lot of interaction between the junior and senior classes, and everyone enjoys being on campus. There are numerous clubs, and anyone at JU is free to join whatever club they choose. 

2. Calcutta University

Calcutta University is a historically significant state-run institution that receives funding from research centers. On Lord Babington Macaulay’s advice, CU was created in 1857. Due to the supplied well-structured course curriculum, there are promising chances for students pursuing post-graduation courses. With large classrooms, labs, and a well-stocked library, the college is well-equipped. 

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The greatest faculty in India for economics and accounts will handle every issue you may have. Sports facilities were also available. Yearly sports day was held. Excellent library with space for more than 100 students to sit. Three labs, each with room for 50 people. A superb space for seminars as well as two labs for computers. Also there are plenty of PGs and hostels nearby MG Road, the college itself does not offer any hostel facilities.

3. Techno India University

Techno India University offers superb infrastructure, including air-conditioned, spacious labs with current technology, and modern classrooms. The campus is free of ragging. Companies like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, TCS, CTS, Accenture, Deloitte, and others come for placements at the end of the degree. Techno India University is a good institution if you want to get the most out of it. You will receive full support in every way if you want to maximize your experience there.

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But the fees are somewhat excessive, and the value that students receive for their money is not worth it at all. There is also a lack of experience among the teachers. Even though some professors are the best, generally speaking, it’s average. And the college hosts both technical and cultural events, it is not restricted in any way and instead encourages each student to take an active interest in their time spent in college. 

4. Adamas University

As one of Kolkata’s top private universities, Adamas University deserves special mention in the list.  Outstanding faculty experience. Assignments will be given to you that will undoubtedly teach you a lot. The instructors here are concerned with each student’s overall growth. In order to determine the strengths, they put us through a series of exercises. The teachers are constantly eager to inspire, educate, and encourage you in everything, which is the nicest part. 

The students here are supported in taking initiative and in following through on those endeavors. The college has a vibrant, diversified culture with an equal representation of students from both genders. With a spirit of inclusivity, students from all religions study together. Overall, it is nice, and the best aspects are the high caliber of the studies and the practical approach to the teaching methodology.

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5. Asutosh college

The college is well known for its cultural programme, which features events for departmental freshmen, college freshmen, third-year senior alumni, etc. Almost every month features a different programme. Teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. However, the canteen is not so great. Regular classes are held for teachers. You have the option to go or not. It’s a wonderful spot to find your partner because of the calm environment.

Three libraries have been made available to students- a main library, a departmental or seminar library, and a reading library. It is one of the few colleges in Kolkata that has a completely ragging-free campus. The college has no tight policies regarding people’s choices in diet, clothing, or even ideals. If you wish to study physics or chemistry for your undergraduate degree, Asutosh College is among the best institutions in Kolkata.

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