How To Prepare For REET In Less Time?

reet exam

Gear up yourself and get ready for the REET exam. The time is flying, and there’s not even a month left for the REET exam. Every year more than thousands of candidates from Rajasthan appear for the exam. 

I understand that this time is crucial for the aspirants, and if properly utilized, I can say the success will be yours. There should not be any mistake in your preparation. It would be best if you prepared so that the final results should be your victory. 

A lot of people search for the right way to prepare. So I am here to share some tips and tricks to prepare for the REET exam in less time. So! let us get started.

Revise Your Old Topics Instead of New Ones

Some aspirants want to grasp and learn everything when exam time comes nearer. It is where they make mistakes. This habit might cause you trouble. Being an aspirant, you should understand that you cannot learn everything in less time. Instead, it would be best if you focused on what you have already read.

Don’t just attend the classes from the online education app but also revise through record lectures. Revise the previous topics you have already covered or edit those topics more, which you think is your strong point. Doing this will surely help you out. 

Practice with Test Series

Test series is something that will boost your confidence and also helps you in better preparation. People appearing for the REET should go for various test series. The test series consists of questions and is set according to the actual pattern of the exam.

 The questions are set by experts and generally the expected question. Giving test series will speed up your revision. Test series will help you evaluate yourself and guide you for better preparation. 50-60% of your revision could be done by giving test series. 

Things You Should Keep in Your Mind

Students take things very lightly. There is a need to understand that even small things could make a massive difference in life, and you should not ignore them. 

Here is the list of things you should never forget- 

  1. Aspirants should always keep in mind that every exam has its own level, and every exam is different from each other and requires different techniques for preparation. So! For better preparation, you should choose your study material according to the level of the exam. Selecting material of a level up or below will not give satisfactory results for sure. 
  1. Try to make your own notes. There is nothing better than reading and making your own notes. Try to teach this habit right from the beginning of your preparation. Reading from your notes brings better clarity of the points and also saves time. And if you write and learn this technique will be very useful to remember notes for a long time. 
  1. Making topics according to the score. Try to complete the highest scoring topic first. It will help you to score good marks. 
  1. At the end of the sit and analyze what topic you have covered in a whole day. Also, before starting the new topic the next day, revise the previous topic. It will help you to retain each point you have covered. 
  1. Aspirants should solve question banks at least 20 days before the exam. It will also boost up your confidence and make your revision better. 

Time Management 

Time waits for none. We all have heard this many times. So! It’s essential to give equal importance to time. Start with analyzing the crucial subjects and topics. At the time of giving the paper, this technique will surely help you. 

Attempt more accessible topics first and do those questions later, which you are facing difficulties to solve or are taking more time than usual. Candidates appearing for the first time in REET should try this technique. 


Aspirants preparing for REET or any other exam should always be calm. Stress always harms. So! One should never prepare for stress. Keep negative thoughts away from your mind and try to be positive. Preparing does not mean you have to study under pressure or 24/7. If you feel low, keep your books aside for some time, listen to music, take a walk, refresh yourself and then study.